Banks' Branches and ATMs in Articles

What are banking relationships for the future?

Whether the bank of the future physical and virtual, constantly invents the digital ways to interact with the customer – event revolutionizes the customer-to-bank relationship. Complementarity, responsiveness, and transparency are still stronger program for tomorrow.  Read more »

Documents Needed To Obtain a Mortgage in France

Once the buyer has chosen property and signed a preliminary agreement to buy, he needs to prepare a package of documents for a loan. Read more »

Requirements For Getting a Mortgage in France

In France, one of the main conditions for a mortgage loan is the existence and amount of a permanent statutory income of the borrower. Approval of the loan is also dependent on the purchased property and the conditions of the bank. Read more »

General Rules Of The Mortgage Payments in French Banks

When making a mortgage for the purchase of completed property in France, the repayment of the loan and interest occurs monthly and down payment depends on the starting date of the mortgage. Read more »

Opening a Bank Account in France

The banking system in France is one of the most developed in the world – today it includes more than 400 banks. The entire banking system in France is under the control of the government. Banks are required to disclose the size of the accounts and the movement of capital, as well as to inform about significant transactions, especially with foreign countries. Read more »

The Tax System in France

The tax system in France characterized by stability for a list of taxes and fees, the rules for their application. The same tax rates are reviewed annually, taking into account the economic situation and the direction of economic and social policy. Read more »